Crochet as a cure for depression

Lately, I have had a feeling of the blues. Feelings of inadequacy, mood swings, insomnia and just tiredness. I couldn’t figure out why. After talking to some friends, I realized that these symptoms could be also be the start of menopause since I also have been experiencing body temperature rising for no apparent reason. Anyway, instead of feeding into these feelings, I told myself to snap out of it. I know I needed to do something. My family and I are at the application stage of our quest to get a home through Habitat Home for Humanity. I am just starting my marketing campaign of making my hobby into my main hustle. Once I get all of my ducks in a row,then I will announce on a post in the near future. My way of getting out of my funk was to pick up my hook and yarn. For some reason, when I start seeing a skein of yarn turn into a useful object, it lifts my spirits. Each stitch is a reminder that I have the skill to make something that can used to keep warm, lift spirits, or something that I don’t have to buy in a store. That is the power of yarn. Whether you crochet or knit, there is always something to make to add peace in your world.


Hairpin lace crochet

Only have one color of a skein you really love? Then try hairpin lace crochet strips. These strips can be made into scarves, blankets, shawls or ponchos.

Knitting as therapy

These are colors that I used to make a blanket for a troubled teen. I gave her the blanket in hopes that it will provide healing as well as joy in her life.