May temperature blanket summary

Temperature blankets are a great way to destash your yarn.

Olivia Jade

The months just seem to fly by, we are now half way through the year and half way through my temperature blanket! It’s been a fun project to make, seeing the variations of temperatures and how that works up a unique colour scheme. It’s also super fun to see other peoples take on the year long CAL.

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This and That

I love the sweater! Motifs are not my cup of tea but I would totally try this.❤️

Folk Lore

I’ve lost track of my weeks for my 52week project 😦 and rather than try and figure out if we’re at week 20something, I’m just going to post a few random things.

I finished a sweater for summer. It’s Serge by Berroco, a free crochet pattern. I didn’t use the yarn specified and instead used Cascade Roslyn, a light dk that is a blend of wool and silk, in Grape.


Crocheting is a bit more challenging for me and there are some imperfect areas, but overall I’m happy with it and the size. I wanted it cropped, but lengthened it a couple of inches since I’m tall and long waisted. I was afraid the sleeves were going to be too tight in the underarm area, but actually it’s just right. Since it’s a summery garment, I’ll be wearing it with sleeveless shells most likely, so there isn’t any added fabric…

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Crafting Times

These are gorgeous!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been quietly crafting away.  Husband and I are in the process of trying to move.  It has been something of a tortuous process which started last October.  Suffice to say, we have been living with half built wardrobes and a fair percentage of my crafting paraphernalia has already been packed.  What then to make?

IMG_1648The International Diploma in Crochet has been a godsend, as many of the compulsory submissions are generally quite small.  I have had feedback on my initial submissions and I passed them all – I just need to work on my diagrams a little more.  So in preparation for my return to Bristol I have completed a circle, a diamond, a piece of half treble with the look of knitting and started grading a pattern for a child.  I have turned into a bit of a hoarder of completed pieces –…

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Boho headband pattern

Boho headband pattern!❤️


Sun is coming back again this weekend! Make yourself a nice Boho headband and you are ready for those sunny days!


I love leaves as you allready know and that is why I made a headband to wear in spring/summer to protect my hair against the sun and it looks quit boho don’t you think?IMG_9771IMG_9745IMG_9773IMG_9766

The model is my daughter and on the photos you can see you can wear the headband folded as well to make it smaller if you like. You can also wear it as a small summer scarf.

I used lana grossa elastico and hooksize 3,5 to make it and the pattern I used is based on a pattern I found on ravelry. You can find the pattern here:

link to pattern

The designer approved for others to design their own stuff with this stitch.

Pattern: Chain 20 Row 1: Tr in 5th chain from hook…

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Student Corner

This is proof that crochet is not for old ladies. These are fourth graders.


It’s been awhile since I’ve written about the wonderful crochet projects my students were working on and I thought it was about that time. I meant to get this out before the school year ended but better late than never, right? The kids had  really been inspired and their work deserves to be seen.

Student Work

4th Graders

One 4th grade girl made a cute book cover. She asked me to teach her fancier stitches. I taught her how to do alternating single and double crochets and then alternating them in the next row. The book cover came out very cute.

Crochey book cover pouch_2Crochet book cover pouch_1

After that, she felt ready to make a doll. She’d already tackled working in the round by making emojis so she was definitely ready. She finished the head and body and started work on the hair. She had definite ideas of how she wanted her doll to look.

crochet doll head

I let her know that…

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SAL & Jacobean crewel work

Embroidery. The equivalent to painting with thread.

LucyAnn &Luna craft

Instead of working on my zodiac sampler along side my piece of work for the royal school of needlework, I have been concentrating on finishing my crewel work & attempting to get it into this times assessment phase or at least finished so I can start my next piece in September.  The bunny is almost finished, he needs an eye & a little definition on his nose.  I’m not happy  with yellow & purple leaf & the stitch the tutor suggested, it looks too bulky & fluffy for me so it’s coming out, & back to my original idea.

If you would like to visit the other members of the group please click on the links below, if you would like to join the group please contact Avis.

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Review: 150 Knit and Crochet Motifs by Heather Lodinsky


The Yarn Blabber

150 Knit and Crochet Motifs by Heather Lodinsky, Interweave: 2011, 128 pages. Paper back and digital editions available. Grade: A+

I think it’s pretty obvious why I bought this book a few years ago. It’s for people who like to knit and crochet. Another motive for getting it is that I’ll never stop adding things to my library, especially motif books and stitch dictionaries. They provide me with lots of inspiration. Finally, I was eager to grab this title because it’s no-nonsense.

It’s just motifs and a handful of projects to illustrate how to use them. The book starts with a visual table of contents. A clear picture of each motif is presented and captioned with its page number. All dictionaries should be planned this way. It’s so much easier and time-saving to just see all the photos and decide which ones are appropriate for the project in mind. There…

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