Some Dutch Crochet Adventures… (Part 1)

Coastal Crochet

We’ve just returned from a week in The Netherlands. There was so much crochet inspiration and crochet related things to share that I’m going to do two blog posts about it. So here’s Part 1…

I had a BIG birthday at the end of July and I wanted to celebrate it in the country where it all began just 40 years ago and be with my family. So we packed the campervan and trailer and off we went…

20170728_113818I managed to crochet this cushion cover for the campervan just in time before we left! It was wonderful to be in a place which is dear to me surrounded by my close family and look at the cake that awaited me…


And just look at some of the VERY special crochet related birthday gifts that I received…

P1190907This is a beautiful piece of old crochet.

20170808_164738‘The Crochet Book’ is a book…

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Belated Tour of My Tour de Fleece 2017

Little Golden Notebook

Before we get much further into August, I thought I’d write post about Tour de Fleece before I forget everything. I’m pretending the Tour just ended along with July for as long as I can before my middle son heads to college and my oldest returns to college. Anyway…

I joined a sort of familiar team on Ravelry, Team Fibernate and Solitude Wool. I’ve known the Solitude Wool women for a few years and I knew a few of the team members, like The Fiberists, but I wasn’t familiar with Fibernate. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend all of the in-person meet-ups and missed out on the neat passport system the team started – attend an event, get a stamp, and at the end of the TdF, the people with the most stamps are entered into a prize drawing. Next year, next year – the events all…

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Sometimes… You Just Wing It.


I have a hard time with moderation sometimes. If I’m going to schedule my time, I want to stick to my schedule. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do lately. Take notes, have a plan, make a schedule, use a planner. I mentioned recently that I was having issues with mismanaging time. Consequently, Mr KS & I had a long talk about that last week and how I can better handle my time and make the most of achieving my personal goals as well as the jobs I need to make happen within our family.

Sometimes though… things don’t go according to plan.

Sometimes… you have to create a new plan.

Sometimes… you just wing it.

And this whole juggling act of scheduling and being flexible… well, I’m kind of terrible at it.

My latest sock project has become quite the test because things have devolved a little bit…

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Speed bump: Cross Country Fade Color Conundrum

fiber and sustenance

Good morning friends!

So I mentioned yesterday that I’ve been dithering about my Fade colors. Initially, this was my plan (apologies, these photos aren’t the best..)

Plan A:


As I’ve been knitting along though, I started to have doubts — most shawls I’ve seen have tended to move from light to dark — would having a big chunk of light gray at the end ruin the fading effect?  So yesterday, when we stopped in Salina, Kansas for lunch, I stopped in the local yarn shop thinking I’d get a new color to swap in and ditch the lime green — I worried it was maybe too bright and too solid for the fade. After much hemming and hawing, this is what I came up with:

Plan B:


As we drove on though, the second guessing started. Do I really want more reds in the shawl? And the new yarn has…

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C2C Geo Crochet Bag Pattern

Zeens and Roger

New pattern release!!! Yay! I’ve been working on this one for a while and I wanted to make sure it was perfect. I wish I could make loads of these crochet bags, I love them. Can you tell that I’m a lover of the corner to corner stitch?! I don’t think I’ll ever get it out of my system, there are just so many things you can do with it.

I had a vision of making black and white geometric patterns, somehow I just couldn’t bring myself to go monochrome so ended up trialling lots of colourful designs instead! I couldn’t stop at one design either. This pattern contains three different designs for the main body of the bag and two different strap designs.

The basic C2C pattern is written and there are comprehensive instructions and photographs for construction, including how to add a lining and magnetic clasp. I hope…

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What a week!

The Wee House Of Crochet

The Knitcraft Tea on the green CAL is going well, some amazing work from our ‘wee hookers’!

Week 3 block has now been posted on the hobbycraft blog Block C our CAL so far has been on a few road trips!

  1. The emmerdale studio tour
  2. Swimming
  3. Starbucks
  4. Bike rides
  5. Hair dressers
  6. And most amazingly (we never thought it would get outside the UK) but it’s been on a 1000 mile road trip from Nevada to Utah!
  7. Also!! We have Carol Mathews taking part in the CAL, I had no idea it was thee Carol Mathews and I had read two of her books, but Carol does Facebook live videos and actually showed her crochet on the Facebook live videos ha!!!

I’ve started another little project too, I’ve started Helen shrimptons Rosslyn blanket, I’m in love with it, it’s just beautiful, whilst I completed the mandala type centre perfectly, with no…

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