Winding Down Just a Little Early


It’s only Thursday, but I am sowinding down on this week already. I still have all the normal stuff to do — school and making sure all the normal house stuff gets done, but the extra appointments and commitments (save for an oil change tomorrow, but I’m just choosing to not count that) are checked off the list. It feels utterly tremendous.

So yes, like so many, we’ve been busy and that’s why I’ve been missing from my normal online haunts. It’s been all good stuff. I’ve mentioned that we’ve been volunteering at the local light show — the Rotary club in town bedecks the entire zoo in 1.5million Christmas lights. Holiday music is piped throughout the park and certain days they offer sleigh rides and live music. It’s called “Winter Wonderland” and it really, truly is. Entry to the park is free, but donations of non-perishable…

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Author: lawlovely

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