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It was a long, busy day. This was a wonderful way to end it.

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Episode 19 of a Crochet Vlogcast

Zeens and Roger

Howdy folks! How’s is going? Fancy a crochet podcast / vlogcast / thirty minutes of me talking to you (mostly) about crochet?! Then click on the pic above!! Thanks ever so much.

Here’s a list of the stuff I talked about this episode. If something is missing and you want to know, please give me a shout. Ta.

Holey Smokes!! The blog post is here, The pattern on Ravelry is Here. Remember that there is a 20% discount until the 8th of December.

My Christmas bauble  video tutorial is Here. The written pattern is Here.

Miss Moffat Yarns on Etsy.

Zeens and Roger on Love crochet/Love knitting

Winners of my Christmas Giveaway are… EmilCarv 1963…. and Anna4520Sweden. Well done to you two!!! Happy Christmas!

Some more pics below…


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Week 4 already!

The Wee House Of Crochet

I didn’t even get s chance to blog last week, been rather busy with work, CAL and Christmas orders.

Anyway I’ve completely bypassed week 3 and week 4 has just been released this morning Christmas CAL week 4 we had some amazing part 3’s completed last week, by people who’ve never tapestry crocheted before check these out!

@lyndascraftroom and I have to pinch ourselves sometimes, these patterns came out of our heads! And people are actually making them, not only are they making them they’re learning something new and building they’re confidence, it’s so heartwarming it really is.

I’ve finally completed the last of my puff stitch beanie orders

And I’ve been asked to make some troll hats, I must admit they’re driving me crazy, there’s an awful lot of hair to attach, once you’ve attached the hair you’ve got separate each strand, yes, each strand! Then brush with a…

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Yarn Shops I visited in New York City…

Coastal Crochet


As you may know from a previous blog post, I was very lucky to visit New York City with my family back in October. And being a self confessed yarn addict, of course no trip to New York for me would be complete without a visit to a local yarn store…

I did my research before we went and I found this blog post from fellow blogger Marie of ‘Underground Crafter’ absolutely invaluable!

Visitor’s Guide to New York City Yarn Shops

With Marie being a local New Yorker I was very happy to be guided by her recommendations.

So I made a list in advance and marked the locations on my map with a view to popping in if we were anywhere close by.

Well first up was Knitty City

…and I loved it! It was in a lovely location to the West of Central Park and there was…

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My Crochet Gift list for Christmas

As my birthday is Christmas Eve, I can totally relate to this.

Olivia Jade

Many a time, family members have asked me what I would like for my Birthday/Christmas and I’ve found it very difficult to come up with an answer. Often, I know they won’t understand crochet terminology or all the gadgets that come with it. This is a gift guide for what I would like, just to help you out, I am in no way demanding these things, but thought it would be useful to have some ideas and pictures. You can also use this gift guide if you aren’t my family, but you do have family members who Crochet, and likewise, you can use this guide if you are a Crocheter and would like to try something new or would like a list of ideas you can ask for.

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Bunny lovey – Finished object

Emma Crafts Design

Happy Monday my lovely readers!

I hope that you all had a great weekend. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but at the moment my husband’s family is getting bigger and bigger, and with new babies, I obviously have to make cute baby gifts!

This one is for a soon to be little girl, so I decided to make a softie/blanket. For the head, I used the pattern from Edward’s Imaginarium by Kerry Lord, with the rabbit ears (H4 if you have the book). For the blanket part, I used a free pattern from the Hobbicraft website, the Bernat Star blanket and stopped when I thought the blanket was big enough. All that was left to do was to sew the two together and to add details like the nose and eyes (making sure to secure everything really really well). I really love this softy, it’s super…

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