The story of the nonexistent floss

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As I mentioned last week, I am a new biscornu fiend. I even bought a pattern, Barbara Ana’s “Autumn Biscornu”. When I read it, I discovered that I didn’t have any of the embroidery floss colors it calls for. I also noticed something I had never seen before: it requires DMC and Anchor floss. The Anchor colors are actually variegated. Another biscornu pattern I have also calls for some DMC multi-colors.

Last Friday I went to the city center in search of my thread. I couldn’t go to my usual shop because they only have DMC and I needed Anchor. So, I just went to the next best store. The shop assistant searched for the Anchor thread and she didn’t have the numbers. She didn’t have the DMC multis I needed, either. No problem. I tried another shop.

And this is where the story gets really ugly. The shopkeeper, a…

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