First biscornu for FO Friday

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I finished my first biscornu! This one is going to be a gift. I really like this design.


It’s so much fun to make a biscornu that I didn’t even notice that I was sewing by hand. Weird, right? Well, biscornu is French for awkward, so, there’s that. Now I hate sewing by hand, unless it’s a biscornu!

In case you want to make this, the pattern is free, offered by the Cross Stitch Guild. I did not follow the directions for sewing because I didn’t like how the seams looked in the photographs on that web site. Instead, I backstitched a square and sewed into the backstitches. This tutorial shows you how to do that.

The other side of my biscornu has different colored beads and a different color for the backstitching. I also changed the cross stitch border. I got this idea from the photos where…

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