Unabashedly Nonspecific


A couple weeks ago I had a comment here on the blog asking that I get into more of the specifics of my spins — wpi, tpi, ratios, etc — when sharing my finished handspun yarns. I’ll admit, I’ve always found myself walking a line here between my knitting readers and spinning readers, unconsciously trying to feel my way to where the right amount of detail is for both groups of crafters. I don’t want to get so specific that I lose those who aren’t spinners, but I do want to share enough detail that spinners can understand easily what I’m doing. I’m likely making a mountain out of a mole-hill, but it has been an issue that I feel like I’ve been dancing around for a good long while now.

After quite a bit of consideration and more than a little of my own special brand of soft-shoeing, I’ve…

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