Every Skein Has A Story


My in-law’s arrived early last Thursday and after a busy and very fun weekend of visiting and gallivanting, we saw them off yesterday morning. Like the true impatient person that I am when it comes to to-do lists, I immediately started the process of tidying up — got the laundry going, the kitchen organized, the floors swept, and sheets changed. You know how it goes. Between this and school with the kids, the morning flew by and before I knew it our mail carrier had parked his truck at the end of our driveway.

I’ve come to learn that when he stops the truck short of the mailbox, it means that he has more to deliver than will fit in the box. I was expecting one package, but not an overload the box situation. I hesitated. The irrational fear that one of those carts of dream yarn had accidentally been…

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Author: lawlovely

I am a creative person that loves all things fiber related. I love learning new ways to make textiles that add to our lifestyles. As a lifelong learner, I believe in passing along my knowledge to others so that they may do the same.