Crochet Conkers!

Too cute!

Coastal Crochet


I do love Autumn… just when I think I’m going to dread the dark evenings and cold weather, nature gives its autumnal burst of gorgeous colours and each year I find myself falling in love with Autumn all over again! My creativity gets a boost from all that renewed inspiration too. From mushrooms which I wrote a blog post about last year mushroom walk (I’m told the fairy-tale ‘fly agaric’ mushrooms are particularly good this year) to autumn leaves and yes – Conkers!


I walked past a huge Horse Chestnut tree last weekend with a fresh crop of fallen ‘Conkers’ on the ground. They are such a vibrant colour and I couldn’t resist collecting a few.  I’m a little wary of taking them home as our dog Salty became very ill (as a puppy) when she ate some that we’d left in the garden. They are in fact poisonous for…

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