Plyingpalooza Awaits


It’s true! I — like many other spinners — am in the throes of Spinzilla this week. Normally I’d have had a pre-Spinzilla post here with my plans and then regular updates, but let’s be real — I was not that ahead of things this year. I’m happy to report that despite my poor reporting here, I have been spinning away merrily this week with my fellow teammates on Team Three Waters Farm. Spinzilla is a yardage-centric competition for many, but on Team TWF, it’s about the yardage, of course, but it’s also about the good old fashioned love of spinning. And that’s what I love about it.

So far I’ve been exclusively spinning with my new wheel, the Schacht Reeves. I’ll admit, I found a new set of muscles or tendons or something in my right leg courtesy of the single treadle, but it’s nothing a walk with…

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