September Review

Initially I had thought that September had been a quiet month on the crafting front, however, as I considered what I had achieved, I realised I have been much busier than I thought.

There hasn’t been one stand out piece that I have been working on, however, I have tried several techniques and used a variety of different yarns that are not my usual choices.

IMG_2026 Rag wool basket

Whilst in Portugal I have tried my hand at creating a basket using rag yarn.  I’ve always wanted to try making one and the yarn in Portugal is really inexpensive and so it seemed silly not to try.  My immediate thoughts on it are that it is quite hard to work with.  The yarn doesn’t have a consistent size and quite quickly I could feel it starting to hurt my arm.  This is a definite piece to work on on an ‘as…

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Author: lawlovely

I am a creative person that loves all things fiber related. I love learning new ways to make textiles that add to our lifestyles. As a lifelong learner, I believe in passing along my knowledge to others so that they may do the same.