Episode 15 of a Crochet Vlogcast

Zeens and Roger

Hey, I haven’t been here for ages!  Yes, I’ve been busy doing stuff but I also haven’t been able to edit photos!  I’ve been using PicMonkey since I started blogging but they recently started charging when it was once free. It means that any pictures taken couldn’t be squashed, cropped or edited and that’s no good. A long time ago we got a very old version of Photoshop, so I’m learning that instead. Hopefully normal service will resume soon.

In the mean time, fancy watching a crochet podcast? Vlog. Vlogcast… Click on the pic above and you’ll end up having a chat with me on YouTube!

Stuff I talk about (yeah, I know, it’s all about me this time!)…

Ravelry: free and paid for patterns designed by me! Including the Vintage Autumn mitts.

Etsy: my neglected shop, which has a few things.

Free crochet pattterns: right here…

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Crochet Round-Up…

Coastal Crochet

So another month is coming to an end…Autumn is really upon us! And this is the photo collage I will be sharing on my Instagram feed tomorrow looking back over my September crochet…

IMG_2017-09-25_18-58-55September has been a good month for my crochet with my ‘Diamonds Tote Bag’ published in Simply Crochet magazine being an obvious highlight! But now that I’m starting to design for others I’m not always able to share my crochet progress as I have been so used to doing. My online presence is really important to me… of course so many people enjoy crocheting without ever sharing it online but for me it’s been such an integral part of my crochet journey…making connections with you lovely readers!

I’m still trying to strike a good balance between actually crocheting, designing, writing the patterns and then sharing online…it’s a juggling act!

Here’s some of my crochet over the last…

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The Last Box


I had some grand plans for things that were going to happen over the last week on the crafting front and I suppose they did.


My Hitchhiker has been joyfully relaxing and fun to knit. It’s been a while since I’ve been totally auto-piloting something and it kind of felt great. I literally have 6.5 rows and the bind-off left and it will be done — including ends woven in — tonight.

Knowing the end was near, I printed off three patterns this morning for new projects.


I mean, finish one project, start three. That’s how this knitting thing works, right? In all seriousness, I’ve got some personal deadlines on these, so it’s time to buckle down. Most of what’s on the ‘get hoppin’ list are small pieces, so I just need to dig in and start knitting. It helps that they are all fun.

For those thinking, “Hey Sarah…

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Random Crafty Things I Hoard…

The Frugal Crafter Blog

Hi friends! Today I want to talk about some random bits I collect. I was reminded of this while cleaning up after my live stream on Friday afternoon. I put my supplies away and then placed the color swatch I painted to determine what colors I was going to use in the painting in my “random crafty collage junk drawer” I had to giggle at the pile of swatches I have saved over the past 2 years and I thought it would be a nice jumping off point for this weeks Konmari Craft Room video. Remember, it’s NEVER just about the STUFF.


(If you are reading this in your email click over to my blog to watch the video)

It can be hard to be intentional or even know what we really want or need in this day in age but you can hone your skills to live a life…

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Yarn Shop Visit: Northern Yarn

fiber and sustenance

When Mr. N got offered his job here in Lancaster last fall, one of the first things I did was scope out the local yarn scene.  I was sad to see there didn’t seem to be a ton in the area we’d be living in, but figured I’d do plenty of yarn-related travel here.  Then, I heard tell of a woman who sold local wool at the twice weekly farmer’s market.  Promising!  And, not long before the move, I heard that the very same woman was soon going to be opening a yarn shop! Brilliant! I hadn’t been in Lancaster too long before I passed the shop, with the windows papered over and a note that it would be open soon.


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