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Coastal Crochet

So another month is coming to an end…Autumn is really upon us! And this is the photo collage I will be sharing on my Instagram feed tomorrow looking back over my September crochet…

IMG_2017-09-25_18-58-55September has been a good month for my crochet with my ‘Diamonds Tote Bag’ published in Simply Crochet magazine being an obvious highlight! But now that I’m starting to design for others I’m not always able to share my crochet progress as I have been so used to doing. My online presence is really important to me… of course so many people enjoy crocheting without ever sharing it online but for me it’s been such an integral part of my crochet journey…making connections with you lovely readers!

I’m still trying to strike a good balance between actually crocheting, designing, writing the patterns and then sharing online…it’s a juggling act!

Here’s some of my crochet over the last…

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