The Last Box


I had some grand plans for things that were going to happen over the last week on the crafting front and I suppose they did.


My Hitchhiker has been joyfully relaxing and fun to knit. It’s been a while since I’ve been totally auto-piloting something and it kind of felt great. I literally have 6.5 rows and the bind-off left and it will be done — including ends woven in — tonight.

Knowing the end was near, I printed off three patterns this morning for new projects.


I mean, finish one project, start three. That’s how this knitting thing works, right? In all seriousness, I’ve got some personal deadlines on these, so it’s time to buckle down. Most of what’s on the ‘get hoppin’ list are small pieces, so I just need to dig in and start knitting. It helps that they are all fun.

For those thinking, “Hey Sarah…

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