Crochet Podcast. Episode 13

Zeens and Roger

Hello!! Please see below for links to this episode of the crochet vlog / crochet podcast (call it what you will!). Thanks ever so much. Click on the picture above to take you to the episode.

My favourite courgette Cake is officially known as Meredith’s Zucchini Bread from Rachel Allen’s Bake. I’ve found a internet version Here but I have the book.

Part one of my holiday up north (with a crochet surprise at the end!). Part two is coming soon.

Tar Barrels: Have a look at 2016 here & 2015 here

Stitch Fest South West. I’ve found a new yarn festival and it’s in Devon!!

Higher Gills Farm accommodation and their Teeswater yarn shop

Easy Knits yarn

Three Springs by Addydae Designs

Cleck Heaton Colour Block Jumper

If something isn’t mentioned here and you want to know, please do give me a shout. Ta. X




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