Some Dutch Crochet Adventures… (Part 2)

Coastal Crochet

As promised here’s a blog post with a little more crochet inspiration from our recent trip to The Netherlands…


It was so lovely to see that local yarn shops, like here in England,  have really made a big comeback in The Netherlands in recent years. It makes me very happy! Having done an online search before we left England, I knew there were plenty in the area where we were staying to choose from. Of course, we were on a family holiday, so there was only so much yarn shopping that could be done but a couple of well planned detours meant I was lucky enough to visit two yarn shops during our holiday. Both very different…


The first was Hobbydee  which is in a small town called Mijdrecht. It’s a fabulous shop which stocked items for all kinds of crafts but had a whole wall dedicated to yarn!

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