The FrankenSkein

One day my skeins that I spin will look like this.


As a spinner, I’m pretty good as using every last bit of my singles yarn when I spin. If I’m spinning a 2-ply, more often than not I’ll use an Andean Plying Bracelet to use up every bit. If it’ll drastically change how the colors are handled and look I might not, but oftentimes it’s not going to make enough of a difference for me to notice or mind. If I’m doing a traditional 3-ply, I’ll often wait until the first bobbin runs out and then take whichever remaining bobbin has the most left and make a plying bracelet from that and carry on with the plying bracelet plus the ply from the other remaining bobbin. In this case (as well as a few others) though, there will generally be some leftovers at the very end.

So what to do with these leftovers?

A couple years ago, before…

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