Next project prep

My plan to turn to make a long infinity scarf/shawl is still going to happen. Both of these are from a yarn subscription that I used to belong to. I loved getting new yarns every month but the problem is that sometimes the skeins are hand dyed in small batches. What that means is that if you want to order another skein of the same color, it may not be the exact color. The first hairpin lace is a worsted Alpaca/Merino/ silk blend in Azurite from Black Wolf Ranch. I had two skeins that were 210 yards each. The one that I am rolling is one big hank that is normally sold as one skein of 420 yards. It is from Ewetopia in January and the weight is fingering that is 840 yards. I am going to use the same technique that I use with the blue one but with a different outcome.


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  1. I love hairpin lace! When I first started making hairpin I didn’t use the guide yarns to keep the strips straight – it was very frustrating! I use them all the time now – so much easier!!! 😀

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