My latest WIPs

So if you recall a few days ago I posted about this weird mark on my wrist and how it was putting a damper on my crafting time. I switched off to the knitting loom so that I can work both hands instead of just my dominant hand. The mark is still there but my wrist is not hurting as much. I have been able to complete my scarf. The picture you see is me blocking it so that it would stretch and straighten before wearing. The other WIP is the hairpin lace crochet fowl that I started. I decided to make it into a cowl after seeing how much yarn in total from both skeins. My aim was to turn it into a long infinity scarf that can be worn into a variety of ways. It is not quite long enough for what I had originally envisioned. Only 420 yards in total. The strings on the ends are guides I used for connecting strips. I had also planned on using the yarn to place an edging on it but I don’t have enough leftover of the original color. I decided to do an edging in black from a ball of yarn that I had around the house. How do they look?


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