Carpal tunnel in my wrist

For the past couple of days, I noticed this little brownish spot at my wrist. This is my dominant hand. At first I thought it was dirt. But it wouldn’t go away. I also have been noticing tingling in my lower arm. I would have to crochet in intervals. I went online to see what this could be. Carpal Tunnel. The bane of every crafter. So I have to put away my crochet for awhile. The repetitive motion of my crochet hook is not good for carpal tunnel. So to save my wrist but still craft, I decided to break out a long forgotten WIP on a loom. This was going to be a hat for my daughter but I decided to do something else with the skein. I will have to frog this unfinished hat. It is Paton’s pure wool in yellow.  I have two skeins of it. I have no idea of what I will turn it into. I will let that conversation unfold as I work on it.


Author: lawlovely

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4 thoughts on “Carpal tunnel in my wrist”

  1. You might not have carpal tunnel syndrome but it’s a good idea to rest and use the loom for a while until the pain goes away. If I go on a crochet marathon I get some soreness and switch to something else. I hope you start feeling better soon. You’re working on a really nice hat, though!

    1. I took it apart and decided to do a scarf instead. My hand is doing better with the loom since my hand is not doing repetitive motions.

  2. I hope that your hand and wrist feel better soon. I’ve had a few crochet injuries in the past. It’s nice that you have time now to explore what you can make with the loom! 😀

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