Pebbles Covered in Crochet…

This is really interesting. I have seen yarnbombing before but I never thought of yarnbombing a stone. Love this!

Coastal Crochet

20170723_122619I can’t believe this is the first time that I have crocheted covers for pebbles! I live near a pebble beach with literally millions of pebbles and stones in all shapes and sizes but I’ve not crocheted around them before now. I’ve seen pebbles covered in crochet many times before online and in magazines and it’s been on my to-do-list for a long time…


Well, this weekend I finally did it… I was prompted by this months ‘Simply Crochet’ magazine as there was a pattern in there to “pretty up a pebble or two”. But I didn’t want to follow a pattern so I tentatively started to crochet round a pebble making it up as I went along. However, firstly I needed to collect some stones- this was surprisingly harder than I ever thought it would be- symmetrical round stones/ pebbles are not as common as you’d think!

Here are…

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