More Weaving?

Not Just Alpaca

Good day to all!

What can I say? I love the process of weaving. Today has been a day of making Bumble Bee Coasters, using an upcycling method I saw on Pinterest. (Yes, I’m a Pinterest Junkie.)

For those of you who have old CDs and DVDs laying around, don’t throw them away. Instead, use them as a base for weaving in the round. I’m kind of silly, because I didn’t photograph each step but if you check out CD Weaving on Pinterest, you’re sure to find a good tutorial. To make it even easier, follow me and check out my Weaving board.

The photo below shows the last one in progress. I call it the Bumble Bee because it is black and yellow, and we should be raising awareness to save our bees. Without bees we won’t have pollination, and without pollination we don’t have bountiful crops. And, don’t…

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Author: lawlovely

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