I Came. I Spun. I Made Pretty Yarn.


Aside from a couple quick posts, I don’t think I went into much detail about the Tour de Fleece as it was happening. I didn’t spin nearly as much as I have in past Tour de Fleece events, but it was a respectable production this year nonetheless. I accomplished the main goals I set out to tick off my to-do list and for that I’m very happy. So let’s hop right to it, all right?

First, while I didn’t start this during the Tour de Fleece, I did ply it during The Tour.


This is my 4-ply 2-color hawser spin. It’s 100% Corriedale from Three Waters Farm in the Next to You and Fall Refrain colorways. To create this yarn, I split my fiber into 4 equal portions — 2 of each color — and I Z-spun each portion onto its own bobbin. (For those who aren’t spinners, “Z-spun”…

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