Weaving with Cards. What?

Not Just Alpaca

We have survived the heat wave and a hailstorm; all in the same week. Our vehicles and holiday trailer did not go unscathed though. There is more heat to come, but I’m okay with that. As long as it doesn’t bring more storms (yeah, okay I can dream) then I’ll be one happy camper.

Speaking of camping, it’s not something we will be doing until we fix the window and the top vent cover. GRRR! As the trailer is an older one, the pane of glass shouldn’t be too expensive to replace.

I have always liked weaving, and like to try new methods from time to time. I bought a small loom about three years ago, plus made my own peg loom and weaving sticks. I have made some rugs from wool and alpaca yarn on the loom, and a fabric one on the peg loom. My weaving sticks…

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