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During the month of May there’s a ‘Wellbeing at Work’ Festival happening in the NHS Trust which I work for as a nurse. They are offering over 20 free health and wellbeing activities for staff and I’m soooo excited that I’ve been given the opportunity to run some crochet classes as part of this… 🙂 🙂

The classes have proved very popular and I’m busy preparing things for the classes now. It will be quite a challenge as there are 10 people signed up to each class and they’re only 1 hour long. I want to be able to give the very best introduction to crochet! Of course there’s no way they’ll master crochet in just one hour but if people leave feeling they’ve had a little fun, seen some inspiring things and maybe want to go and get some yarn and a hook then I’ll be happy!

I was asked to…

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