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I did it. I started yet another crochet project, which is a shawl for my big sister. This means:

List of things I’m crocheting:

  • Hexagons afghan
  • Tunisian crochet afghan with lots of blocks
  • A tablecloth
  • A pineapple shawl
  • A “Telegraph” sweater

List of things I’m knitting:

  • A pair of self-patterning socks
  • A blue lace scarf

I have seven projects going at the same time. The majority of them are crochet projects. I have been a very naughty crafter.

When I started the shawl this evening it was dark and rainy and guess what my first color on the Lace Ball self-striping yarn was? A blackish blue. I managed to increase to three pineapples and gave up trying to see where to insert my hook. This yarn is very fine and I’m using a 1.3 mm needle, so it was very hard to see my work, even with a lamp lighting…

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