Daughter away at summer camp!

As a crafter, this is the time of year that I enjoy.  Free of mom duties, I can spend time planning and creating. On my to do list-

1. Finally learn how to operate my mother’s sewing machine. She gave me her old sewing machine last year and I have yet to operate it. I have been watching YouTube videos on cutting patterns as well as threading the machine.

2. I bought a vintage Bargello cross stitch kit that I am planning to make into a pillow. No problem right? Wrong! The kit came with a blank canvas. I have a picture of the finished product on the cover but I am totally new at cross stitch so I will have to find a way to transfer the image onto the canvas.

3. I work as a Substitute Teacher during the school and believe it or not, I already have a long term assignment for the first thirty days of school for a teacher on maternity leave. What that means is I will need an on the go project to work on if I have prep time in between classes. I am thinking about working on stitch patterns for my crochet, Tunisian crochet or knitting. Or perhaps making rolags for my drop spindle.

4. Speaking of drop spindle, last year I bought a pound of raw organic cotton from EBay. I bought it because I wanted to learn how to spin my own yarn. I was totally naive about raw cotton. I thought it would be the fluffy stuff that look like cotton balls. Instead I got stuff that resembled the density of mattress padding but with some seeds in it. I have to get out the seeds before carding it. By the way, if you want to card but without buying carders, use pet brushes. I have both. I use the carders to get the seeds out and blending and the pet brushes to make sure the final rolag have fine like fibers.

So that is what is on my agenda for next thirty days. 


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