How to repair a crochet blanket

Olivia Jade

Hi guys! I hope you’re all keeping really well.

So, I promised quite a while ago, that I would do a blog post/tutorial, on how I repaired my temperature blanket… However, I procrastinated it; mainly because, I wasn’t sure that I would explain it well… Then I would be completely be at fault, if you followed my advice, and butchered your crochet blankets! However, the method is pretty simple, once you understand it. It works for all types of stitches, and doesn’t matter if it’s in rounds or rows; I just wasn’t able to find many tutorials, on how to do it in rows, and when you aren’t sure, it’s a little confusing.

Please feel free to message me, if anything doesn’t make sense; you think I’ve missed a stage out; or you just want a few tips, I will be happy to help, as best as I can. In…

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