…and that’s a wrap (or a shawl?)


Funky Vase Cover


I had purchased a ball of yarn at a clearance sale. It’s a combination of wool, acrylic and nylon and has a bit of sparkle to it. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it until I found an orange vase I had laying around.

I made a resist then covered it with with two layers of odds and end batts with similar colors.

Then came the fun – wrapping the yarn around the resist in lines.

It was a bit fiddly flipping from side to side and then at the top and bottom to keep the yarn from falling off.

When I was satisfied I was ready to felt it, I went slow and easy checking frequently to make sure it was all staying together.  I purposely didn’t leave spaces between the lines thinking the yarn would felt to the backing and itself.

As you can see…

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Carpal tunnel in my wrist

For the past couple of days, I noticed this little brownish spot at my wrist. This is my dominant hand. At first I thought it was dirt. But it wouldn’t go away. I also have been noticing tingling in my lower arm. I would have to crochet in intervals. I went online to see what this could be. Carpal Tunnel. The bane of every crafter. So I have to put away my crochet for awhile. The repetitive motion of my crochet hook is not good for carpal tunnel. So to save my wrist but still craft, I decided to break out a long forgotten WIP on a loom. This was going to be a hat for my daughter but I decided to do something else with the skein. I will have to frog this unfinished hat. It is Paton’s pure wool in yellow.  I have two skeins of it. I have no idea of what I will turn it into. I will let that conversation unfold as I work on it.

Text-only Wednesday

I am cracking up this. Only because I have just as many WIPs waiting for me.

The Yarn Blabber

No pics today. Nope. Just some text. I want you to feel nostalgic for the days of yore when you were trying to beat The Legend of Zelda and you went over to the GameFAQs site to read the walk through with its ASCII terminal type and maps “drawn” with symbols. OK, maybe you never did that. I did, though.

What made me think of this? Because way back in 2002 I decided to get out the old Nintendo and follow the walk through to beat Zelda, finally. 17 years later I did it again! That’s how I spent my weekend. No, I did not remember all the things I had to do to win the game, so once again I relied on good old Colin Moriarty’s nerdy, ASCII instructions. By the way, Colin, thank you again.

Wait a minute, this is a knitting and crochet (and sometimes cross stitch…

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Tidying up Treasure.

I have never tried needle felting but seeing this is really making me want to try it.


In an attempt to find more storage I had to clear out some junk that should never been stored in the first place. I am sure everyone has some of this. While I was rummaging I found my old tiny needle felting machine. Its a small converted sewing machine. I had forgotten I even had it.

I used to have a larger one but I sold it when I moved more into wet felting hats and scarves.   Instead of having a sponge pad for the needles to poke down into it had a plate with a hole for each needle. I really didn’t enjoy using it. You could hear the needles hitting the edges of the holes as you tried to move the fabric around.  You need to move the fibers and base around slowly while needling to cover an area. I was always sure the needles were going to break and either…

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