Spring Dream in the Heart of Summer


With all the spinning news lately, Knitting Sarah here is excited to share a knitting project with you!

In mid-June, I received the fabulous Spring Dream Kitfrom Heart of the Mitten.


The kit contains the pattern, 3 skeins of Be Sweet Bamboo, 2 skeins of Be Sweet Skinny Wool, and 2 skeins of Mango Moon Twist — so just add needles and you’ve got yourself a project!


The stitch pattern is very fun and highly addictive. I’ll admit I was nervous about holding 3yarns together as I went, thinking the possibility of them getting tangled had to be very high, but I think the combination of the yarns — especially the influence of the bamboo which has zero grip and grab next to other yarns — made it actually super easy to work with.


Utilizing consecutively smaller needles to create a super loose swing at the bottom and…

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WIPs this Week: Marled Magic Sweater and More Jelly Rolls

Yarn, Books & Roses

I really dug in and worked on my Marled Magic sweater this week. So many colors. So many combinations. So much fun. Seriously, this is addictive knitting at its best with a big side of stash busting. I blogged about this project earlier and showed off all of the yarn I had collected to use in the sweater. I am now well into the second section of the sweater and I am feeling the magic for sure. This sweater is going to be great this winter and I am having a great time dreaming/knitting it.

Sweater in Progress. The gray colored section at top is the first one in the sweater. I am now about half way done with the pink section in the lower part of the picture.

The sweater is knitted with one strand of fingering yarn held together with one strand of mohair. As the two are knitted together they…

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Knitting Cables While Pondering The Fate of My Chosen Craft(s)

I love the love the look of cables. This looks like a good pattern for a dishcloth.

Of Snailmail, Books & Vanities

I was inspired to learn knitting because of the prospect of moving to Australia where colder weather was to be experienced.

knit kindle cosy

Oh the shawls, mittens, hats, sweaters, socks and what else I would knit!

kindle cosy opening 2

Now that we’re back in sunny, tropical Indonesia however, I’ve temporarily lost my mojo (this includes crochet) 😟 😕 🙁 ☹️ Will it just be doilies and curtain tiebacks henceforth?

kindle cosy opening

But my hands are restless and want to create, so while I’m assessing this tangled situation that I am in I decided to knit a Kindle cosy and practice knitting some cables while at it 😌

knit cable pattern

Turned out pretty okay 😁 I shall find my crafting way very soon. Like next week soon. Because the best way to get back on track is to just do it 😊

Have a wonderful weekend, y’all! 💋❤️

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Episode 12 Crochet Podcast

Zeens and Roger

Hi! Keeping it short and sweet today (I’m cutting corners because it’s the school holidays!). Fancy watching a crochet podcast (vlog)? Here’s one! Click on the pic above as usual. X

Links for stuff I discussed are below:

Three Springs shawl

Wool and The Gang – Tina Tape Yarn

The Weekender Blankie

Somerset Yarns

My Granny Beach Bag

Back to School Sweater CAL

Addydae accessories CAL

Rainbow Edged Granny Blanket


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June SAL with Helene

Emma Crafts Design

Happy Friday readers!

I know, I know, I’m really late and not catching up, but oh well those will get done eventually! I’ve just finished the June design, from Helene et Mahelia’s website. In case you’ve missed it, this year in Helene’s mystery SAL, we are stitching forest animals! And they are all so cute 😊

From all the steps, it was really difficult to figure our what this month’s animal would be.


But it really came alive with the backstitching! It was really amazing. So here is my little June squirrel! 🐿


Have a great weekend!


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